Mechanical design


For a service company, keeping up with the times is important to be able to satisfy every type of need of its customers; even more so, technological innovation is fundamental.
For these reasons COIMEC Engineering, drawing on the expertise of its technicians and using the most widespread CAD 3d systems, in the activities of mechanical design makes available to its Customers a thirty-year experience developed with the best technologies available on the market.

These technologies allow us to approach the whole project in a virtual way together with our client, in order to verify all possible problems prior to the construction of the prototype and to take action to make the necessary modifications for proper execution and proper functioning. Complex machines are designed step by step, identifying with the Customer the critical parts, agreeing the timing of the different groups and their cost estimates, if necessary by checking the basic parts with the appropriate simulators for structural analysis.

Although working for the most part with 3d tools, we also use two-dimensional software for design, as well as for lay-out, P&I, detail drawings etc.
When requested, or if necessary due to particularly important projects developed in team, we collaborate with our outsourcing customers, by assigning directly at their headquarters our best engineers or mechanical designers so as to reduce as much design time as possible.


A structural check is an analysis of the stresses and deformations to which a component subjected to external loads or deformations is subject.

In the design of mechanical components and more generally of machines it is always essential to subject the most stressed components to a structural verification; this allows to obtain components optimized in terms of performance, resistance and at the same time avoid excessive oversizing without risking to compromise the functionality of the machine itself.

In the execution of structural calculations we use CAD (Computer aided Design) and FEM (Finite Element Method) tools for both individual and multi-body calculations to verify all the critical points of our projects, and we can also provide stamped and signed technical reports from registered engineers for the technical file or for law purposes.